What is self development for you? It is nothing but taking care of your own health and habits. Do you find it as a difficult job? No, it is very essential in this digital world because everyone of us are busy with our 9-5 job, working our ass off. We are not ready to spend some quality time for us and for relaxing. Try this 5- Self Development Practices and make the difference.

That’s why I am here with an on the go 5- self development routine for all busy buds. Follow these 5 tips and make your life better. You can also try my self love tips.


Wake Up Early

Our first step out of the 5- self development practices is waking up early (be an early bird). First things first, try to wake up at a consistent time every day.

By doing so, we can train our body to wake up before our alarm goes off. If you wake up regularly at the same time every morning, your internal alarm will take over and you will wake up feeling more refreshed every day.

It doesn’t need to be an early time, but waking up early would give you more time to do more other things than usual. Because when you wake up early than the other days, you can make something special to eat or go jogging or do some chaos at home. That is up to you.

Don’t forget to drink more water because I want you to be more hydrated. Drinking water is like filling our bike with fuel. Only then, we can have an uninterrupted drive.

Another benefit of waking up early is, you can get some sun, which will definitely bring you more energy. You can gain more of vitamin-E which is good for your skin, bones and hair. So, my advice is to get soaked in sun.

As I already said, do a morning jog or walk, or else you can just practice some stretch in your home. This will activate your muscles and brain as well.

Make Effort To Look Good


Our next self development routine is done by trying to present yourself as you like.

Spend some extra time getting ready in the morning. Put on some makeup or do your hair.

Most of the people often roll up to the office with their hair still in the bun. They just wash their face and wear whatever is placed front in their cupboard.


It’s true when you look good, you feel good. You feel confident about yourself.

It is not an awful thing that we need to look great. But this will really makes you a better person.

When you feel good about you and when you are confident with your dress, you are more likely to approach life in a different perspective. People who meet you will become more acquainted with you.



Each of us deserve to be look good and feel good. This is the most important part in self development. When you love yourself more, you will become more attractive and confident.

You don’t have to wear a tight dress or sexy skirts that you are not comfortable with. Just wear whatever you like, whether it be a shirt and jeans or a long dress.

Give some attention to your hair as well. Don’t always tie it up with a bun as you go. Even if it is an office day or a holiday spend some time to do your hair. Try something new when you are on a day-off or when you go out with your friends for brunch or dinner.

 Do your nails once every week or two weeks. Make sure they are clean and have a shape. If you love colours go for it. I usually do them myself and I like nude colours because they go with everything.



Our next step in taking self development is by keeping a journal with us. Journaling make our mind relax and composed.

Make it a daily habit. If you start writing every single day, you’ll be more likely to keep it.

Keep the journal nearby to you. When it’s easy to get to, then you’re more likely to write in it.

The main advantage of having a journal is that, you can write everything you want in it. You can keep track of your daily routines. Make it colorful by adding some stickers and using some markers.

I like to write many inspirational quotes in daily basis. Most of my pages are filled with quotes, doodles and a lot of stickers.

Don’t try to edit things as you write. My journals always say the truth about me. You can also have a page for mood tracker. This helps you to know about your mood swings in a month and how you handled it. Also, you can add some selfcare tips that you have been following.

Always write what you have planned for the next day in advance, so that you can analyze your progress. Write about what you are grateful about that day. It’s your own journal and these are some of my ideas, there is no need that you have to follow me. Keep it your own style.

Check my other blog to find how to boost your creativity.




Meditation plays a very important role in self development. I surely recommend to meditate if you have a busy day ahead of you. Meditation helps in relaxation of your mind and body. It helps you in boosting confidence if you are a person with inferiority complex. You will have the courage and confident that you lacked before when you meditate daily.

Meditating in the morning helps you to improve your breathing problems. It also reduces your anxiety level. And above of all you will gain self-control.

If you are a beginner in meditating or you don’t have any experience in it, then follow these simple steps.


  • Sit comfortably in a good posture (don’t forget to choose a calm/relaxing place)
  • Choose to either close your eyes / or lower your gaze to the ground.
  • Focus on your breathing.
  • Keep note of your air flow between the nose and lips.
  • When your mind wander (most probably it will), label where it is wandering to, such as thoughts, sound, emotions etc.
  • If you feel its enough (better keep an alarm for 10-20 mins) open your eyes slowly and feel the nature / things around you.
  • Take a few moments to return to the normal state.
  • And you are done. Hurray!!!

Start doing this today and you will definitely notice a change in you. Always add meditation in your selfcare routine.

Complement Others


We are at our last step of selfcare and this is the most easy and interesting one. Complimenting other for what they do. It may be a little one, but when you put an effort to compliment others for their good deeds it will make both you and the other person happy. So, it is a win-win for both of you.


When you are at your office or college and your friend or colleague has done something successfully, then its your duty to congratulate them. Or here is a situation where a stranger helping a poor girl and you see it. Don’t hesitate to compliment what he/she done.  

Make sure to follow these simple steps in your own way. Always do what you love.

Self-care is very important, as it is the way that shows how much you love yourself. Read my another blog about Self-Care and its importance here.

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