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Hai readers I am Asifa , the author of Wander Dairy I am so proud to get lovable readers like you. I am from India and I am an engineering graduate who loves to read and write. As a child I have many dreams of achieving a lot of things. But when I grown up, I realised that only the dreams which is deep down our heart are the one we do. And here I am with WANDER DAIRY.

I want to spread all the good things I know and care about. I was very excited when I started blogging, still I am. I love to travel more but I didn’t get that oppurtunity of travelling. I always wanted a happy life and career that I love to be in it and I chose it. I love crafting and learning new skills. I am sure that, WD will be a good beginning for my journey in a new world. Lets keep supporting and spread love around.

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If you already read my posts or visited my home page you may have got an idea of what WD is all about. If not, then you should read this. Wander Dairy is all about self development, creativity and the stuffs that you need to boost you. You can find topics related to self motivation and care, doing creative stuffs and the things that I personally love. I share stuffs related to it and if you want anything in specific , please reach out to me.

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I am Asifa, the author of WD. I am a little wander girl who have many dreams. I am an engineering graduate from India. I live with my parents and have an elder sister. I have started WD in 2020 and was very excited too. I love to sing. My favourite colour is blue. I love chocolates. Some of my hobbies include crafting, reading blogs, learning new skills and netflixing hehe…

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