Creativity- How to Master It


Some questions regarding creativity.

” I am not so creative.”

” I don’t even know to write a paragraph on my own.”

” I want to be an artistic person.”

Do you ever think these things in your life?




In this post, I will show you how to easily bring up your inner artist so you can be as creative as ever.

Let’s do this!!!

First I want to say one thing, creative people are not born they are made.

My parents used to say that when I was a child I was the creative one and I hope every kid is.

Some people used to say that one can never be a creative and diplomatic person.

But you know what, that is bullshit.

Any of us can be a creative personality and at the same time a math person. This will happen if you put in some hard work.

Myths about Creativity


You Can’t Make Money As a Creative Person


People often speak awful things because they don’t actually care what comes out from their mouth.

“You can’t make money as a creative person” and here comes the awful thing.

Money can be made as a creative, it’s as simple as that.

Now that you realize that you can be more creative and making a living doing so is absolutely possible. Let’s scrutinize what is keeping most people from chasing their dream.



What Exactly Does It Mean to Be Creative?


I used to think that, creativity was about making something totally new from scratch. Discovering something that had never been part of before in any way. Essentially, creating something out of nothing.

But now I know that could not be far from the truth! Creativity is not about creating something completely new.

That’s impossible.

But, it is creating something unique out of what already exists. It could be in the form of anything.

5 Tips For Creativity


Take Some Nature Time


Try to spend some time outside your house, this will boost your creativity level. I like to take walks on road in the morning because it gives me all the energy needed.

Notice the beauty of nature and the sounds coming around you because this will make your mind refresh as we press a button in our pc to refresh it.

The longer you are outside, the greater impact it gives to your creativity flow.

Read Books


Reading a good book is always a good habit. Most of the highly successful people often read books and that is one of their success mantras.

When you read something there is a chance that you will notice new words and also can explore different things. Yes, you can explore the world just by reading books and not by actually setting off on a journey.

If you are not able to afford printable books, find some ebooks, and enjoy them.

When you are really getting into a book you turn yourself into the characters and you start to live in their life. Just try this amazing tip to improve your creativity.

Listen, Happy Songs


When you are hearing happy or enjoyable songs, it will boost your mind to be more creative. Just take some time to listen to songs. 

You can listen to them when you are on the way to college or the office. Make a playlist with all of your favorite songs and shuffle them. By doing so, you can flow in it without any disturbance.

If you don’t want to hear any songs, that’s fine just listen to music. Music has also a great effect on boosting your creativity.

Read my other blog to know how to develop yourself to be a better person.

Create New Experience


We have to practice some new habits or experience something new in order to make our brain think in a creative way. Include your mind with some creative hobbies. One of the best ways to have new and interesting experiences is by traveling.

Because when you travel to different places, there is a greater chance of introducing new peoples. As you get to know new people you will gain new and distinct experiences.

When you are away from your home and from your home town you can able to adapt to new circumstances. With new friends and neighbors, you will get more experience and you learn more new things.

So, what I am saying is, travel more and have fun!!!



Free Yourself From Distraction


Work in a calm and relaxing environment because you can able to think more peacefully when you are alone. If you want to be more creative than ever, sit somewhere between nature, this will helps to refresh you.

Free yourself from all the distractions. My first priority here is keeping your smartphone away when you work. Because each time when it dings our mind find a distraction and get into it.

Keep your working place neat and clean because it will also boost your creativity. Hang on something on your walls that you like such as portraits, quotes, paintings, etc.

Make sure to try these things and get into the creative flow. Inspire from little things, be generous, and live your life of creativity.